Our values

Our values are a set of beliefs that drives the organisation and provides a framework for its decisions. We can use these externally and internally, but sparingly. For example, we can select the most relevant values to share when being asked about what makes us different from competitors. Or bring them to life as personal statements from members in interviews or video narratives.


Empowering entrepreneurs around the world opens up equal opportunity and diversity of thought.

  • #FoundersFirst - We put founders first. They are the only reason we are here. Everything we do should ultimately be in service to Founders.
  • #GOOB - We get out of the building (literally and metaphorically). Get out of your comfort zone and test everything.
  • #BigPlays - We do what is hard and brave instead of what is easy and comfortable. This is the only way to remove real barriers.
  • #WeBeforeMe - We work and play as a team. The team is more important than any one individual. What is true for one, is true for all.