The full colour BlueChilli logo consists of two (2) chosen colours. The full colour logo is our most recognised asset and must be used wherever possible. Primarily the BlueChilli logo should be used against a white background.

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Secondary The secondary logo can also be applied to a black background.


The mono version of the BlueChilli logo is to be used when colour isn’t an option. The logo mark can be applied in either of the following black and white combinations.

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Icon usage

Use the full BlueChilli logo whenever possible. However, you may use the BlueChilli icon in some instances.

Icon small 24x24

icon small 


icon medium


icon large

Clear space and minimum sizing

Our logo has been created with a specific clear space so it always stands out and isn’t compromised by any other element. A minimum size has also been defined to ensure it can be read even in smaller placements.

Logo Sizing
The size of the logo is to be used no smaller than the minimum width:
Print minimum 20mm W
Digital minimum 85px W

The Bluechilli logo should always be surrounded by a minimum area of clear space. The area of isolation ensures that headlines, text or other visual elements do not compete with the logo.

The formula for calculating the minimum clear space is where X equals the height of the letter ‘u’. This can be used to determine the minimum clear space for the logo at any size.


Logo usage

The main logo should not appear more than once on a single page or screen. Never alter a logo file, especially to remove surrounding clear space. Do not use the logo as part of a sentence.



  • The logo should always be prominent in the logo hierarchy
  • Use the supplied master logo
  • Make sure the logo is legible
  • The mater logo must appear on a white background
  • Only mono or reversed versions when colour is not an option


  • Stretch/distort the logo
  • Rotate the logo
  • Change the colour of the logo
  • Alternate the logo
  • Crop the logo
  • Change the opacity of the logo
  • Add a drop shadow
  • Put on a patterned background

Usage with imagery

The BlueChilli logo should always be surrounded by the minimum clear space area which must refrain free from other elements (type and graphics).

It may be necessary to retouch the image to ensure there is enough contrast to see the BlueChilli logo clearly.

Powered by BlueChilli

When the 'powered by' is used, it must be linked with the BlueChilli logo on its left. 

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Positioning and placement

Placing an element too close to the logo diminishes its importance. A boundary around the logo protects its prominence and integrity. The logo should always be set a distance from text, photos and other design elements. Never reduce the clear space created around the BlueChilli logo.